Welcome to the GTAC Life Sciences resource centre for students. If you have previously accessed this site, you will notice that we have added some new and updated learning materials.



NEW - A Blog has been added to enable students and teachers to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the life sciences and interact with GTAC staff.




NEWOnline learning courses - GTAC has designed a range of online resources so you can explore some exciting fields within the life sciences. Access is now open to our online learning modules that may be used in class or at home. Keep an eye out as courses will be added regularly.




Throughout the coming year, we will be adding more learning resources to this site so make sure you keep coming back regularly to check for updates.

COMING SOON - You will be able to stay connected with all the latest GTAC news by joining our Facebook page gtac-facebook or Twitter gtac-twitter.

COMING SOON - Life Sciences Careers section, where you can discover where a study of the life sciences can take you. Shortly, we will be adding interviews with a variety of people who have pursued a career in the life sciences. Follow their journeys and hear about their work.

COMING SOON - Discovery Centre – a place where schools will be able to showcase discoveries and life sciences achievements that they have achieved while working with GTAC.