A big honour for GTAC Board member – News

Who would spend their days thinking about starving a parasite? That’s the type of thing Brendan Crabb might think about!

Professor Brendan Crabb, who has contributed to GTAC programs as a member of the GTAC Board of Management since 2001, was awarded a Companion of the Order of Australia in the 2015 Australia Day Awards. This very big honour recognises his contributions to biomedical research and work to fight infectious diseases, especially malaria.

Image courtesy Burnet Institute

Image courtesy Burnet Institute

Brendan is a molecular biologist and is especially interested in the genes and protein molecules that allow the malaria parasite to invade human red blood cells. His research aims to stop the malaria parasite in its tracks (perhaps by starving it!) and to develop a vaccine for the disease.

His young life in Papua New Guinea has given him personal insights into the huge impact of diseases like malaria on whole societies. He hopes to help improve health systems to prevent the spread of diseases in countries like PNG.

Brendan is a strong voice for medical research in Australia and is involved in supporting bioscience education in Melbourne through his position on the GTAC Board.

Professor Crabb previously worked at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, a GTAC partner, and is now the Director of the Burnet Institute in Melbourne.


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