A genetic test for haemochromatosis – Teaching resource

Educational design: Jacinta Duncan and Tom Grubb

In this online course students explore how hereditary hemochromatosis affects the body. They examine the most common mutation of the HFE gene that introduced an allele coding for a defective HFE protein. They use modelling to investigate how the alleles inherited by an individual can be detected using a restriction digest and gel electrophoresis. They analyse a DNA profile to determine the allele status of individuals in a family and construct a pedigree chart to represents the allele status and disease status of individuals. They use a pedigree chart and punnet squares to predict the outcomes of genetic crosses.

This course also involves the use of a printable model to explore HFE gene alleles. Click here to download and then print the model.

Students can access this course at Students > Online courses > A genetic test for haemochromatosis.


Before students begin this course we recommend that they learn about iron homeostasis using our online student course Iron homeostasis. Click here to access this course. Students can access the Iron homeostasis course at Students > Online courses > Iron homeostasis.



VCE Biology Unit 2

Estimated duration

60 minutes


HFE gene allele model (click the link and download)


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