Dr. Frazer Thorpe – Videoconferencing Coordinator and Education Officer

Frazer-Thorpe-staff-profileEmail: fthorpe@gtac.edu.au
Phone: +61 (3) 9340 3602

I love ideas and helping people to understand and explore ideas in exciting ways. I am from the UK where I studied plant science and the interactions of living things, and how we use resources in the world. I became hooked on the extraordinary nature of nature. I completed a PhD in how DNA and genes control the growth and development of an organism by regulating which genes are switched on and off in difference cell types. I was exploring how this was achieved by modifying the structure of the genes and DNA in the cell (epigenetics). During my research career I found the joy of teaching, learning and communicating ideas - and so I retrained as a teacher.

My focus is to engage individuals to think more deeply about concepts in interesting ways, such as using videoconferencing to bring resources and activities to people where they would be otherwise unattainable. These include bridging the gap between scientists, students and teachers, bringing them together to spread understanding and ideas. I also relish using the construction and application of 3D models to further understanding and skills. I aim to bring science and education communities together to promote the skills and knowledge needed for active, scientifically literate global citizens, and to enjoy the beautiful intricacies of the macro and microscopic world.