Graeme Clark Oration

Graeme Clark Oration

Towards an Electronic Prescription? 

presented by Professor Timothy Denison

Monday 22nd July - Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre


GTAC is very excited to announce opportunities for Victorian students in Year 9 and above and their teachers to participate in the 2019 Graeme Clark Oration Schools program. The Program offers schools four opportunities for engagement with the Graeme Clark Oration:

1. Special Presentation for school students and their teachers by Professor Timothy Denison, University of Oxford

A special presentation for secondary school science students and their teachers by the 2019 Orator, Professor Timothy Denison. This session will allow students to hear Prof. Denison describe what influenced him to become a scientist, his journey from physicist to an engineer, his industry experience and his current research into developing bioelectronic systems to improve the lives of people suffering neurological diseases. Click here for more information about his area of research and what he will be talking about.

Time: 3:30pm

Free for Victorian students and teachers

Rural Government Schools may be eligible for assistance with their transport costs. Contact GTAC for further information.

Click the link at the bottom of this page to express your interest in this opportunity.



2. Graeme Clark Oration

Students and teachers will join over 2000 of Australia’s preeminent members of the scientific community to hear Professor Denison deliver his oration, Towards an Electric Prescription, in one of the most prominent science events for 2019. Click here for information about the oration.

Time:  6:15pm sharp, concludes at 7:30pm

Free for Victorian students and teachers

Bookings for the oration are handled by the oration organisers. Click here to be taken to their website so that you can book your tickets to this event.



3. Graeme Clark Award for STEM Innovation in Schools

This award has been established by The Graeme Clark Foundation to celebrate and acknowledge STEM innovation in schools that has added value to the school community by raising the profile of science, technology, engineering and mathematics through innovative practices, partnerships and programs. The award will be presented to the successful school during the Graeme Clark Oration. Applications close 5.00pm AEST Monday, 10th June 2019. Click here for further information and for details about how to apply for this award.



4. Graeme Clark Oration Dinner

Schools are invited to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) for one teacher and two students to attend the Graeme Clark Oration Dinner. Preference will be given to schools who participate in the Special Schools Program and/or Graeme Clark Oration and that have made an application for the Graeme Clark Schools Award for Science Innovation in Schools.

Time: 8:00pm - 10:30pm

Free for Victorian students and teachers

EOI’s must be received by 5.00 pm AEST on Friday, 7th June 2019. Schools will be notified in advance of the event to arrange the necessary approvals.



Students and teachers from Rural Government schools may be eligible for a travel rebate provided by the Department of Education and Training, State Government of Victoria. This rebate will be provided once GTAC receives confirmation of your attendance.


Click here to express your interest in the special school talk and/or the oration dinner


Click here to be taken to the website to book tickets for the Graeme Clark Oration itself


Click here for information and to register for the Graeme Clark Award for STEM innovation in schools