Graeme Clark Oration Youth Ambassadors

Please note that the Graeme Clark Oration 2020 has been cancelled


The Graeme Clark Oration Youth Ambassadors represent Victorian students during the Graeme Clark Oration Schools Program and at the Graeme Clark Public Oration. The ambassadors are VCE students pursuing studies in one or more of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). They promote the significance of having a STEM-ready workforce to address issues that concern the youth of Victoria and to solve problems of the present and future. They recognise the importance of events such as the Graeme Clark Schools Program in promoting careers in STEM, and showcasing interdisciplinary science as an approach to solving problems by integrating expertise, knowledge, technologies, and ideas from various fields to transform health care.

The Graeme Clark Youth Ambassadors will participate in the Graeme Clark Oration Schools Program where they will:

  • Interact with students to gain an appreciation of how the events and workshops tailored for students are transforming their knowledge of advances in health and medical research, and whether they feel energised to pursue studies and careers in STEM. Ambassadors and students may be photographed or filmed as they interact
  • Interact with STEM experts and collect impressions on how the Schools Program is impacting participating students – they may be photographed or filmed as they do this

The Graeme Clark Youth Ambassadors will provide a brief presentation at the Graeme Clark Public Oration where they will provide an exposé of the Schools Program, and share the capabilities and aspirations of Victorian STEM students and experts that emerged through their experiences in the Schools Program.

The Graeme Clark Youth Ambassadors will be invited to attend the Graeme Clark Oration dinner accompanied by a teacher or guardian.

The Graeme Clark Youth Ambassadors are supported prior to the program and throughout the day by the Convergence Science Network communications volunteers and GTAC Education Officers. Prior to the event the Ambassadors will be asked to provide a headshot and will be interviewed so organisers can prepare a biography that will be posted on the Graeme Clark Oration website. At the event, the Ambassadors will be coached as they work together to prepare and practice their presentation for the public oration.


Are you the Graeme Clark Youth Ambassador for 2020?

Are you passionate about transforming healthcare through interdisciplinary science? The Graeme Clark Oration Committee is seeking two Victorian senior secondary students to be the Graeme Clark Oration Youth Ambassadors for 2020. We are looking for students who love STEM, and want to see and be a part of the change as science, technology, engineering and mathematics converge to solve medical and biomedical challenges.

To apply please submit a video that is no more than 2 minutes in length. In your video provide your name and the school that you are studying at. Then provide us with your responses to the following three questions:

  1. Why do you believe that interdisciplinary science is important in biomedical research?
  2. Why would you be a good person to represent fellow students studying STEM?
  3. Why are you passionate about STEM?

Please note that you will not be assessed on video quality and you are more than welcome to film using a camera phone or webcam.


How to submit your entry

Step 1: Click here to complete the online application form through the GTAC website. An automated email receipt will be sent to you after completing the application form.

Step 2: The automated email receipt contains instructions on how to submit your video and media release form (see details below). Follow these instructions to complete your application.


Please note that you will need to include the name of the teacher at your school who endorses your entry.

You will also need to upload a completed media release form that is signed by yourself (if you are 18 years in age or older) or by your parent/guardian (if you are under 18 years of age). Download the media release form by clicking here or clicking the link in your email receipt.


This event has been cancelled for 2020