GTAC resources of the month – April

Each month we will be featuring a number of GTAC VCE Biology resources that are freely available for teachers and students. These resources are great to use as learning and/or revision tasks.

VCE Biology Unit 1

Homeostasis in the blood

A collection of activities in which students explore the insulin-mediated regulation of blood-glucose, classify components of the system within the stimulus-response model and diagnose a malfunction of this pathway for a diabetic patient. Click here to view these activities.


VCE Biology Unit 3

The sunburn response and skin cancer: A case study of a malfunction in apoptosis

An online course in which students explore how a malfunction in apoptosis can lead to skin cancer and a promising treatment called Venetoclax. Click here for more information on this resource.


Active Immunity: The adaptive (specific) immune responses and vaccination

Resources that unpack the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses, including the cells involved and their roles, and the nature and function of some vaccines. Click here to view these resources.


Pathogen Attack: GTAC's immunology game

Students learn about the adaptive immune response by defending the body from pathogen attacks. Students can access this resource by clicking Students > Learning resources on the GTAC homepage. Click here to view more information and play this game.