GTAC resources of the month – May

Each month we will be featuring a number of GTAC VCE Biology resources that are freely available for teachers and students. These resources are great to use as learning and/or revision tasks.

VCE Biology Unit 1

The AGTC of molecular classification

Activities in which students work collaboratively to formulate a hypothesis on the relatedness of 4 species then test this using DNA sequence data. They then investigate the relationships between species of their own interest using gene sequences obtained from a global online database and online bioinformatics software. Click here to view these activities.


Critically evaluating scientific research

An online course in which students are introduced to the key elements that contribute to the validity and reliability of a scientific study. They are guided through an evaluation of one study, then apply their critical evaluation skills to an additional study. Click here for more information on this resource.


VCE Biology Unit 3

Active Immunity: The adaptive (specific) immune responses and vaccination

Resources that unpack the humoral and cell-mediated immune responses, including the cells involved and their roles, and the nature and function of some vaccines. Click here to view these resources.


Pathogen Attack: GTAC's immunology game

Students learn about the adaptive immune response by defending the body from pathogen attacks. Students can access this resource by clicking Students > Learning resources on the GTAC homepage. Click here to view more information and play this game.


Critically evaluating scientific posters

An online course in which students compare and contrast two scientific research posters on the same topic. Students critically evaluate each poster with the help of a scientific poster evaluation tool and make recommendations for improving the study and poster. Click here for more information on this resource.