GTAC visits primary schools in Central Victoria – News


The GTAC Outreach team and their van packed full of stereo and compound microscopes have just returned from their visit to the Castlemaine area. We were warmly welcomed by the teachers and students we met on the rural outreach. We all had a fantastic time working with Year 5 and 6 students and their teachers at Castlemaine, Castlemaine North and Winter Flat Primary Schools. The students worked together as forensic scientists to solve the case of the run-away dog, Alfie. Luckily for his owner, Alfie was found safe and sound and could be collected from the pound covered in evidence, the clues to reveal where he had been on his big adventure.

Using the research grade microscopes to zoom in on the trace evidence found on Alfie, some amazing details that we couldn’t see with our eyes were revealed. “It was interesting to see how many things there are that we can’t see” said one of the students. One of the most popular words used to describe what students observed was “hairy”. “It was exciting to see the live organisms moving around”. All of the students were awarded their “Licence to Zoom” certificates after demonstrating their capabilities using both types of microscopes to solve the case.

We look forward to returning to the Castlemaine area again next year and catching up with our enthusiastic budding young scientists and their wonderful, supportive teachers.