Design thinking for medical robotics and lifestyle gadgets – Virtual program

A Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series event for high ability students in Years 7 and 8

Year 7 & 8 students from Victorian Government schools join the GTAC Biomimicry Innovators Club to explore biomechanics and design a prosthesis to meet the needs of an amputee.


Making science fiction a reality.

Imagine what life can be in the future as medical technology evolves. Many believe bionics will eliminate disabilities before the end of this century and that it will be normal to augment our bodies to improve our physical and mental capabilities.

Join GTAC to explore how medical technologies are creating better lifestyles for people living with disabilities. Stretch your imagination and invent your future career in this emerging landscape.


Join the GTAC Biomimicry Innovators Club.

Be a biomimicry innovator. Gain insights from nature to bridge the gap between man and machine. Explore anatomy and biomechanics of the arm to design a prosthesis that meets the needs of individuals living with a disability.

Grow your ability to ‘think outside the box’ and design solutions with confidence in collaboration with practicing STEM experts. You will follow a design thinking process to define a problem and create nature inspired solutions.


This program consists of a virtual workshop followed by an onsite visit to GTAC. You will collaborate in teams guided by GTAC Education Officers and Scientist Mentors.



Video conference workshop - 50min. Start time will be negotiated with you.

GTAC onsite workshop - full day


Dates in 2021

Term 3 Video Conference dates:

  • Tuesday 27th July
  • Wednesday 28th July
  • Thursday 29th July
  • Tuesday 3rd August
  • Wednesday 4th August
  • Thursday 5th August

Term 3 Onsite program dates:

  • Monday 9th August – up to 60 students
  • Tuesday 10th August – up to 30 students
  • Friday 13th August – up to 60 students
  • Monday 16th August – up to 30 students
  • Tuesday 17th August – up to 60 students
  • Wednesday 18th August – up to 60 students
  • Friday 20th August – up to 30 students
  • Monday 23rd August – up to 60 students


Term 4 Video Conference dates:

  • Thursday 4th November
  • Friday 5th November

Term 4 Onsite program dates

  • Monday 8th November
  • Tuesday 9th November
  • Wednesday 10th November


Open to Victorian Government school students only.


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The Design thinking for medical robotics and lifestyle gadgets - Virtual program was supported by the Victorian Government.