Green Team Power Machine

The Green Team Power Machine

Day 1

On day 1 we extracted the DNA from the squashed maggots. We got the DNA out of the specimen. We washed up the mashed up maggots in a column to break down the membrane and then we put the maggots into a centrifuge to get rid of the waste to extract the DNA from the cells. The reason we did this was to prepare the genomic DNA for analysis. We were hoping that our results would show that we had extracted genomic DNA.

At the end of the day we felt tired, happy and a little bit relieved that our first day was over. We were also excited for the second day to come.


Day 2

Today we added the primers to the DNA mixture to target the area we were going to copy. Then we added Nucleotides. Afterwards we added the TAQ DNA. Next we used the buffer to get the right condition for the DNA. Next we added the DNA to the tubes with everything else and put it in the PCR machine for 2 hours.




We added Nucleotides because they are the building blocks of DNA. We added the TAQ DNA to build the DNA.
Then we added the buffer to get the right conditions for the DNA. We added our extracted DNA to copy. We then used gel electrophoresis to see if we copied the DNA successfully. We did with an 80% success rate.


Day 3

We studied flies close up through microscopes and through an electron microscope. We looked at the hippo fly and the wild type fly to see the difference between the two.

We studied the control flies and the hippo flies so we could see the mutations and the differences between the two. We also looked at Punnett squares to see the ways flies breed and looked at dominant phenotypes. We also looked at the chances of an offspring having features of their parents and looked down the microscopes to see different fly types and identify mutations that we could see.


We took photos of the flies and looked at them through the stereo microscopes. We also looked at flies through the electron microscope and the wild type looked at lot better than the mutant type fly.

We felt awesome and relaxed about the day, also relieved and calm about the day.


Day 4

Today we learnt about proteins, DNA, RNA and how they are involved around the body.

We did this so we could learn about how to identify where mutations are and how they work.




Tour- We looked at the cells and how they are kept happy, the flies and we looked at them through a microscope, the proteins and how they looked and we also saw some zebra fish.

We felt like the lab was awesome, interesting, futuristic and cool.