GTAC Laboratory Technician professional learning, Friday 2nd February 2018


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Professional Learning for Laboratory Technicians


VCE Biology Unit 3 and 4

VCAA Biology Study Design 2016-2021


Date: Friday 2nd February 2018

Time: 9:30am – 3:30pm

Location: GTAC, 77 Story Street, Parkville

Registration opens at 9.00 am 


A program covering the planning and preparation for the practical components of GTAC’s resources:

Unit 3: Antibiotics in Action

Unit 4: Area of Study 3 Practical investigation - Investigating the use of antibacterial agents

Unit 3: Photosynthesis in immobilised algae (alginate balls) and leaf discs

We will also review preparation of GTAC’s Unit 3 practical laboratory activities and resources, including enzyme (amylase) activity and effects of auxin on oat coleoptiles.

The workshop will provide an opportunity to network and discuss the practical and organisational issues for running Unit 4 Area of Study 3 - Practical Investigation.

Please note: This program covers the same material as in February 2017.

Cost $100.00 (excludes GST)

Refreshments and lunch are provided

Places are limited to 60


Registrations for this event have closed