Insights into brain function and research



A special Teacher Professional Learning

event for teachers of secondary science,

VCE Biology and VCE Psychology

Friday 20th November

Insights into brain function and research

Program features

Guest presentation by Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield:

The Baroness will take us on a journey of a day in the life of the brain. Baroness Greenfield is a neuroscientist, science broadcaster and prolific author. Her presentation will provide us with a glimpse of her soon to be published book titled A Day in the Life of the Brain.

An interactive workshop on alcohol poisoning and addiction:  

Alcohol presents many issues to Australians as a society and as individuals. Behavioural and clinical neuroscience research is advancing our understanding of alcohol related issues. In this workshop you will use spectrophotometry to search for a treatment for methanol poisoning. You will explore the molecular basis of addiction and determine a suitable drug target that shows promise for treating addiction.

An interactive workshop on neurodegenerative disease:

Around 2,000 Australians are currently living with MND, a debilitating disease that is incurable. Australian scientists are working to find better treatments for this disease. In this workshop you will use DNA technology to identify a gene mutation that leads to motor neuron disease. Using light microscopy you will investigate the pathology of this disease.

Interactive workshops will include laboratory activities and discussion of approaches to teaching and learning about neuronal function and factors affecting the brain.

This is a full day program 9:00am – 3:30pm

Cost $33.00 (GST inclusive)

Refreshments and lunch are provided

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