Overview of Unit 3 Biology


Presents an

Overview of Unit 3 Biology

A full day Professional Learning program designed to assist teachers with delivery of the Unit 3 VCAA Biology curriculum

Date: Saturday 2nd February, 2019

Time: 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Location: GTAC, 77 Story Street, Parkville

Registration opens at 9.00 am

Program includes

Morning component of the program

Navigating Unit 3 AOS1 and showcasing pedagogies

Buffet Lunch provided

Afternoon component of the program

Navigating Unit 3 AOS2 and showcasing pedagogies

Presented by GTAC Staff

This program will unpack Unit 3 of the VCAA Biology Study Design. We will provide a suggested timeline for covering the key skills and concepts, as well as rich narratives to engage students in the subject matter. Applying a social constructivist lens we will showcase activities that enable students to access many of the abstract concepts in Unit 3 and allow you, the teacher, to formatively assess student progress. Study aids that help students explicitly apply skills relevant to Unit 3 and 4 will be suggested, particularly to prepare students for the practical investigation in Unit 4. Suggested Unit 3 SAC tasks will be explored and teaching resources to support the introduction of these SAC tasks in your classroom will be provided along with details for the purchase of consumables.

This program is coordinated by Ms Jacinta Duncan (GTAC Director), Dr Tony Chiovitti (GTAC Deputy Director) and Mr Chris Szwed (GTAC Education Officer and Website Coordinator). Jacinta has been teaching VCE Biology for 20 years and spent two years as a Lecturer in Science Education for the Masters of Teaching course at The University of Melbourne. Tony transitioned to teaching after 13 years of research in the field of molecular biology. He has 11 years of experience teaching VCE Biology programs at GTAC. Chris transitioned into teaching after studying biomedical science and forensic science. He has 7 years of experience teaching VCE Biology programs at GTAC, specialising in blended learning. Tony and Jacinta are co-authors of the current Nelson Biology Unit 3 & 4 text for the Australian Curriculum, VCE Unit 1 & 2 Biology and VCE Unit 3 & 4 Biology texts.

For enquiries contact gtac@gtac.edu.au

COST: $122-00 (including GST)/PARTICIPANT

Cost includes full buffet lunch

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