Devil’s Advocates – At GTAC and Melbourne Zoo

TasmanianDevilThis full day program is run in collaboration with Zoos Victoria.

This program will see students spend half a day at GTAC and half a day at Melbourne zoo, both located in Parkville. Bookings can only be made through the zoo.

Students will learn first-hand how Zoos Victoria is currently working to save Tasmanian Devils. They will see how the concepts they have learnt about in VCE Biology are being used in real life to save this endangered species. Students will investigate strategies that deal with the emergence of new diseases in a globally connected world, including the use of scientific knowledge to identify the pathogen (or in this case the cause of the infectious cancer), and the types of treatments being developed to try to combat the disease. It will also touch on Unit 3 concepts such as disruptions in cell signaling that lead to deviant cell behaviour causing cancer.

Assessment Note: This program can serve as context for assessment requirements within Unit 4, Outcome 2: a report of a laboratory investigation describing how tools and techniques can be used to manipulate DNA, explain how biological knowledge is applied to biotechnical applications, and analyse the interrelationship between scientific knowledge and its applications in society


Level - Unit 4 VCE Biology

Venue - At GTAC and Royal Melbourne Zoo in Parkville

Timing – Full day program: runs 8:45am – 3:00pm

Dates in 2018:

Thursday 6th September

Friday 7th September

Thursday 13th September

Friday 14th September

Thursday 20th September

Expressions of interest for this program are made through Royal Melbourne Zoo. Please contact them on 1300 966 784 to express your interest.


Program designers - Dr. Tony Chiovitti, Dr. Frazer ThorpeJacinta Duncan