DNA barcoding (VCE) – At GTAC

Full day program


VCE405-main-image-lizardDNA barcoding is an expanding area of contemporary biology aimed at deriving DNA sequences for identifying and defining species, with applications for ecology, biosecurity, and the labelling of natural products. In this program, students set out to generate DNA barcode sequences from animal or plant tissues of environmental or commercial interest. The program incorporates DNA extraction, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), gel electrophoresis, and sequencing of the students’ PCR fragments, followed by a computer task at school to process the students’ sequences. Sequences generated by students can contribute to global scientific databases with recognition given to students for their contribution to science.

Assessment Note: this program can serve as context for assessment requirements within Unit 4, Outcome 2: a report of a laboratory investigation describing how tools and techniques can be used to manipulate DNA, explain how biological knowledge is applied to biotechnical applications, and analyse the interrelationship between scientific knowledge and its applications in society

Level - Unit 4 VCE Biology

Venue - At GTAC in Parkville

Timing – Full day program: runs 9:30am – 2:45 with a one hour lunch break

Approximate dates – Selected dates in Term 3 2018


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Program designers - Dr. Tony Chiovitti, Dr. Frazer Thorpe, Dr. Chris Gorman & Gorjana Robevska