Manipulating the DNA molecule and applying biotechnologies – At GTAC

Full day program


Bacteria transformed to produce Green Fluorescent Protein

Bacteria transformed to produce Green Fluorescent Protein

Students are immersed in the world of biotechnology as they examine case studies of positive change that have emerged through application of DNA technologies. They use models to demonstrate the processes underpinning various DNA technologies. They perform restriction digests and gel electrophoresis to determine if the gene for Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) has been successfully inserted into a plasmid. They transform E.coli cells with the recombinant plasmid vector so that they will produce GFP. They plate out their transformed E.coli samples on selective media and take these plates back to school to determine if their transformation has been successful.


Assessment Note: This program can serve as context for assessment requirements within Unit 4, Outcome 1, Task 2: a report of an investigation using a DNA tool or manipulation technique.


Level - Unit 4 VCE Biology

Venue - At GTAC in Parkville

Timing – Full day program: runs 9:30am – 2:45pm with a one hour lunch break

Approximate dates – Selected dates in Term 3 2018


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Program designers - Dr. Fran Maher, Jacinta Duncan & Chris Szwed