Forensic investigations using cell and DNA technologies – At GTAC


COVID-19 Notice: This program has been modified to enhance physical distancing and infection control standards for delivery in 2021. In Term 1 2021 only one visiting school can access GTAC on a given day. All resources, equipment and our facilities will receive a major clean between programs. Cleaning of high touch points will be carried out throughout the day.


The DNA profiles of suspects from the case

The DNA profiles of suspects from the case

This program immerses students in the field of forensic science as they use blood typing and DNA analysis to place a suspect at a crime scene. Through the examination of seminal cases students consider the role of forensic science in police investigations.

Students utilise models to explore the structure and function of DNA, the nature of chromosomes and the principles of inheritance and apply their understandings to the analysis of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) to identify individuals.

In the laboratory: Students perform blood typing diagnostics to eliminate suspects from a crime scene. They then use E-gels to perform gel electrophoresis, creating a DNA profile for the remaining suspects and the blood found at the crime scene. They use their results to place a suspect at the crime scene.

The use of E-Gels reduces the risk of infection, bypassing the need to move into the confined spaces of a dark room to view gel results and allowing GTAC staff to maintain 1.5m social distancing from students. E-Gel technology also allows for students to view DNA in action migrating through a gel.

Prior to attending the program at GTAC, we recommend students complete a supplementary critical thinking task available on our website. Click here to view this task.


Level – Years 9 & 10

Venue - At GTAC in Parkville

Program runs from 9:30am – 1.00pm with a 30 minute break at 11am at GTAC. Students must bring their own snacks and water.

Approximate dates - Term 1: 22nd February – 30th March


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Program designers - Jacinta Duncan Chris Szwed