Forensic microscopy – At GTAC

In this program primary students explore the forensic scenario of a run-away dog, Alfie, whose owner has retrieved him from the pound. The owner has managed to collect several pieces of evidence from his coat. Students take on the role of forensic investigators, analysing trace evidence samples using stereo and compound microscopes. A record of observations is used to determine the escape mechanism used by Alfie and the path he follows during his escapes. Students provide suggestions to Alfie's owner on how to stop him from escaping.


Level – Primary students in Years 5 & 6

Venue – GTAC learning laboratories in Parkville

Timing – Program delivered over a 2.5 hour visit (including a break for morning/afternoon tea).

Approximate dates – Term 1 2018


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Program designers - Chris Szwed, Jacinta Duncan & Cristal Peck