Parasites in focus – Special event

Ancylostoma-caninumAlthough regarded by many as a strange and gruesome phenomenon, parasitism is the most common way of life on the planet. Parasites are bizarre and yet beautiful, often seemingly simple in structure but with surprisingly complex behaviours and physiology. The incredible success of parasites highlights the marvellous features they have that adapt them to their lifestyles. However, parasites often extract a toll from the host organisms that sustain them. Many cause deadly diseases, such as malaria, which have profound medical, social, and economic consequences.

GTAC and the Australian Society for Parasitology are proud to present this unique program to be run for students in Years 10 and 11 that explores the nature and diversity of parasitic organisms, their impacts on human and animal health, and to interact with local parasitologists to learn more about their work.

This program features an opening address by an eminent field parasitologist and laboratory and ICT workshops, including microscopy of parasites and molecular-based experiments, guided by a scientist mentor.

This is a free program for Victorian students.

Places are limited. Based on expressions of interest received from schools, GTAC will issue invitations to schools to bring 10 students each. Expressions of interest close Wednesday 11th September, 2019.

Where - The Gene Technology Access Centre (GTAC), 77 Story Street, Parkville, 3056

When - 25th October, 2019

Duration - this is a full day event.

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