Science immersion research experience – At GTAC

I am so greatful for the opportunity provided by GTAC and would encourage others to be apart of this amazing experience. Mikayla, May 2018


Work experience for secondary school students

GTAC is proud to offer an engaging and rewarding work experience program for Victorian students. The program, known as our Science Immersion Research Experience(SIRE) program, provides students the opportunity to work within the GTAC team. This can involve using research grade equipment to conduct cutting edge science experiments, pursuing small research projects, tours of world class science research facilities such as the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, and assisting team members in preparing and delivering educational programs.


Click here to check out some of the science communication efforts from previous work experience students here.


Click here to view a published scientific article that students from this program contributed to.


To participate in SIRE students will need their Careers Councillor/Coordinator, Science or Biology teacher to express interest in this program for them. This is a necessary step which can only be done by a teacher or councillor/coordinator. If a space is available, we will then be able to book the student in.

Level - Years 9 to 11

Venue - At GTAC in Parkville

Timing – 5 day program

Approximate 2019 intake dates:

Intake 1: Term 1 from 25th February – 1st March

Intake 2: Term 1 from 25th March – 29th March

Intake 3: Term 2 (5 consecutive Fridays) 24th May, 31st May, 7th June, 14th June and 21st June

Intake 4: Term 2 24th June – 28th June

Intake 5: Term 3 from 22nd July – 26th July

Intake 6: Term 4 from 14th October – 18th October


School staff click here to express interest


If you have any further questions about the program, please contact us at