Gene Issues

Applications of genetic research have the potential to improve the wellbeing of individuals through new medical treatments and the prevention of disease. However, this research may also raise social and ethical issues that will affect individuals, families and society as a whole.


The basic principles of biomedical ethics

The principles provide the student with a conceptual framework for discussing ethical issues raised by biomedical research. In responding to a particular issue, the student should use the four principles keeping in mind who is affected and how they are affected.


Student guide and Fact sheet

GTAC gene issues student fact sheet - Click the link to view and download the student guide to arriving at an ethical decision.



This section provides the teacher with a series of tasks that students could be asked to respond to by applying basic ethical principles to arrive at an ethical decision. The scenarios provided could form the basis, in whole or in part, for the school assessed coursework task in Unit 4 VCE Biology or the basis of a personal learning task in Year 10 interdisciplinary studies.

GTAC gene issues scenario 1

GTAC gene issues scenario 2

GTAC gene issues scenario 3

GTAC gene issues scenario 4

GTAC gene issues scenario 5


The scenario material is only hypothetical. It was originally produced by the Murdoch Children's Research Institute for the Victorian Genethics Competition 1999-2005.