Primary teaching resources

Pump up the volume (Years 5 - 6)

Students use blocks to determine the volume and surface area of regular and irregular 3-dimensional shapes. Click here to access this resource.


Cane toads: Leg it! (Years 5 - 6)

An investigation of probability and exploration of the impacts of introducing cane toads to Australia. Click here to access this resource.




Advancing medicine using digital technologies (Years 5 - 6)

A sequence of activities that will develop students computational, algorithmic, and design thinking skills. Click to to view this resource.





Bee_pollinating_a_roseAnimal adaptations (Middle years)

A series of work units designed by GTAC, the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute and ReMSTEP which invite students to investigate how science and mathematics can explain some of the amazing aspects of life as a bee. Click here to access these resources.




 Hunting for microbes (Years 5 - 6)

An activity designed for Year 5 and 6 students that allows them to collect microbes found in five different environments. They analyse what shape they are, if they move, what conditions they like and much more. Note - students can access this resource at Students > Learning Resources.  Click here to access Hunting for Microbes.