Resources for teaching VCE Biology Unit 2

GTAC developed the following resources to complement the key knowledge points and key science skills for Unit 2 in the new 2016 - 2021 VCE Biology Study Design. Many of the resources feature in our Unit 1 & 2 overview Professional Learning events.

Sample timeline for teaching VCE Biology Unit 2

This timeline was created by the GTAC team with reference to the 2016 - 2021 VCE Biology Study Design. The sample timeline covers all key knowledge points from the study design but orders them so that they can be explored within overarching narratives (as indicated). Resources that compliment the study design are intended to be made available on this page as they are developed. Click here to view the sample timeline


A genetic test for haemochromatosis

An online course in which students explore how gel electrophoresis is used to diagnose hereditary haemochromatosis and analyse a DNA profile to construct a family tree. Click here for more information and to access this resource.



Exploring fertility and assisted reproductive technologies

Two online courses designed to introduce students to issues surrounding fertility and the use of assisted reproductive technologies to support Outcome 3 AOS 3. Click here for more information on this resource.



Meiosis and oocyte activity

An activity linking the stages of meiosis to the stages in oocyte development. Students place diagrams and descriptions of the meiotic stages in sequence and match that to stages in oocyte development. Click here to view this resource.




Sperm analysis activity

A laboratory practical activity to introduce students to methods of semen and sperm analysis for fertility testing in reproductive technologies. Students also complete a data analysis task to calculate sperm cell number, viability and motility from two patients. Click here to view this resource.



Critically evaluating scientific research

An online course in which students are introduced to the key elements that contribute to the validity and reliability of a scientific study. They are guided through an evaluation of one study, then apply their critical evaluation skills to an additional study. Click here for more information on this resource.



Application and emerging issues of cloning in agriculture

Students explore the transmission of the genome through asexual reproduction. They then investigate issues that may arise when genetic engineering techniques are used to produce Genetically Modified Organisms. Click here to view this resource.




The Cell Cycle - Controlling cell division for human development and growth

An activity in which students manipulate a model of the cell cycle to simulate cell division. They then explore embryonic development and the effect of teratogens on the cell cycle. Click here to view this activity.




Investigation related to a genetic cross

Students explore the history of corn and use a test cross as an experimental method to determine pedigree. They investigate inheritance patterns for two genes and analyse data on genotypes and phenotypes. Please note this resource was originally designed to meet old curriculum requirements and has been earmarked for redevelopment. Click here to view this resource.