Using digital technologies to save lives – At GTAC

Students are immersed in an emergency scenario at ‘GTAC International airport’. A strange viral outbreak has caused passengers on a plane to become unwell and the plane will be arriving at GTAC airport soon! To prevent a major crisis they learn about disease transmission and preventative measures to help reduce the spread of this disease through the quarantine area. Students will design preventative strategies using digital technologies, including humanoid robots, thermal imaging cameras, and hummingbird robots in the hope of stopping the outbreak of this disease before it is too late.


Level – Primary students in Years 5 & 6

Venue – GTAC learning laboratories in Parkville

Timing – Full day program commencing at 10am and finishing at 2:45pm (including a break for morning/afternoon tea).

Approximate dates – Term 4: 6th November - 3rd December 2019



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Program designers - Tom Grubb, Kian Jin Tan, Alex Sipidias & Chris Szwed