Video Conferencing Programs With GTAC

We are offering a number of Video Conferencing programs to Victorian students and teachers. These programs align with the F-10 Victorian curriculum or VCE Biology curriculum. Limited spaces have been made available for selected dates in Term 2, 2020. Teachers are invited to express interest for their classes to participate. Click on the student program titles below for information about the program and to express your interest:


Activating apoptosis pathways to treat melanoma (VCE Biology Unit 3), 13th - 21st May

Trial a new drug that has been designed to activate apoptosis pathways to kill melanoma cells.



Generating herd immunity through vaccination (VCE Biology Unit 3), 25th May - 11th June

Interact with scientists and analyse simulated experiments to prevent a deadly Whooping cough outbreak.



Using modelling to inform policy during a pandemic (Years 9 & 10), 9th - 12th June

Become an epidemiologist and use the SIR model to explain the value of public health interventions in slowing the spread of COVID-19.



Examining evidence surrounding COVID-19 claims (Years 7 & 8), Term 3

Critically analyse claims being made about COVID-19 and determine if they are myth or fact.



Designing a bee-bot to pollinate flowers (Years 5 & 6), 13th - 21st May

Investigate physical adaptations of bees and use findings to create a robotic bee blueprint.



COVID-19 Q&A session with Victorian STEM experts (Coming soon)

A special event program in which students will have their COVID-19 questions answered by a panel of STEM experts at the forefront of Victoria's COVID-19 response. Event details and registrations coming soon.